(Superhydrophilicity is the phenomenon of excess hydrophilicity or attraction to water; in superhydrophilic materials, the contact angle of water is close to zero degrees) treatment results in a change in membrane surface that results in no clogging/fouling such that the permeability through the membrane remains constant under normal operating conditions and with produced water compositions. The technology operates at low pressure with low cross-flow velocities lowering infrastructure costs and energy consumption.


Apex is a specialized produced water treatment company, that focuses on client challenges & provides suitable solutions for water treatment that is flexible and scalable. Historical problems with conventional membrane technology include fouling/clogging of pore space especially with organics, backpressure, and other cleaning methods that are destructive to the membrane structure, and short membrane life.

Apex technology eases the removal of hydrocarbons (including oils) from produced water, separation and concentration of the hydrocarbons (including oils) to allow their economic recovery, and removal of bacteria and other biological matter from contaminated water. Our treatment plant could be compact in a mobile unit that can be used offshore or onshore or scaled up to meet much higher volumes using our engineering specialized subject matter experts.

In Apex technology the addition of proprietary nano-chemistry to the membranes generates the filtration performance, where the utilization of crossflow filtration in combination with the nano-chemistry produces:

  • High flow rates at low pressure – increased production

  • High membrane permeability across the full range of produced water compositions – increased production

  • Insignificant fouling (clogging) – sustained operation with no downtime

We design solutions that fit client needs with the highest value added to the client and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles